Sustainability Solutions

Efficient and Renewable Energy:

LED Lighting: ThinkLite's lighting provides the world's highest lumens per watt output (180) of all other LED solutions. It contains a patented driverless chip technology extending the lifespan to 70,000 hours with 90% less heat than other LEDs. Their design enables retrofitting into existing fixtures and with the best in class CRI of 93 their color can be programmed to exactly what is desired. There is no other solution that compares making ThinkLite the most sustainable LED solution on the market today.

Solar Energy Systems: Velo is the only solar firm offering a 3-tiered, scalable energy solution comprised of solar PV and PowerEnfo, their smart grid energy software. As one of only a few EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) firms, Velo will engineer it, install it and monitor it.

Waste Reduction:

E-Waste: Nave Communications is an R2 certified corporation that recycles electronic equipment with the highest standards for environmental protection and worker safety. They offer nationwide pickup services and take electronic equipment from any industry. They specialize in dismantling by material type and recovering raw materials, precious metals and scrap for reuse. Nave offers reverse logistics, resale of used equipment, sparing services for repair and E-List web based management. All used equipment is refurbished and tested for resale. They maintain TL-9000, ISO-14001, OHSAS and R2 certifcations.

Water Conservation:

Water Monitoring: WaterSignal measures water flow in Real Time to detect leaks and conserve water. Through a non-invasive sensor placed on the water meter WaterSignal technology continuously collects data that is uploaded to a secure data center. All data is available 24/7 and is accessible through any internet connected device. The system will alert via email and text message indicating that a water line has been ruptured or if there is a slow leak in the system.

Sustainability Management:

Project Management Software: Women owned and a certified B Corporation, Sustrana is a sustainability consulting and software company that offers comprehensive and cost effective management software. Their online sustainability management system enables companies to build highly effective sustainability programs in less time for less money.

Consulting: Hire SEI to work with your team to systematically attack each element of your Sustainability Program. SEI will help you focus on the Triple-Bottom-Line by guiding your team through developing a strategy and then working through the many elements of Sustainability.

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